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Skin Hero Lotion (Ciao Eczema)


Formerly Ciao Eczema.  Same formula, different name.  

8 oz

This lotion has the very best ingredients to ensure relief! We know this because of our customer responses!

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Wheat Germ Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax (Cetostearyl Alcohol & Sorbitan Ester) Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate (Kimchi Seaweed), Organic Rosemary Extract.

Please be advised that because our products are naturally preserved & do not contain toxic preservatives, they tend to have a shorter shelf life than other brands. Your product has a 1 year shelf life depending on the weather and will come with an expiration date.

Even though this lotion contains Wheat Germ Oil, the processing completely removes any trace of Gluten.  Please remember that rare individuals with both a Type B Latex allergy and a Severe Nut allergy can react to shea butter.

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


Skin Hero Lotion (Ciao Eczema) $20.00

5 Stars Based on 14 Review(s)

Cassandra of California
- 5 Stars
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Best Lotion

October 1,2020

This is the best lotion! Keeps my skin in great shape!
Autumn of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Six years strong

August 13,2020

This lotion is how I found Poofy Organics and fell in love with the company.  Our son’s pediatric dermatologist told us, “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”  

We only saw that doctor once since then, and that was for the last follow up.    

This is the best & safest treatment I found for eczema.   We still keep it around for flare ups!
Autumn of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Love this for my ruff and bumpy skin

July 30,2020

I have been using this and the zippy zit bar for over 2 years for my ruff and bumpy skin on the backs of my arms and legs!! They are now super smooth!!
Kelly of Texas
- 5 Stars
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Had a Rash...Best Lotion Ever

June 28,2019

Like the title says...I broke out in a very itchy rash on my thighs.  I tried different lotions, plain (unscented) shea butter and even poofy's unscented baby lotion, and nothing worked.  I bought this lotion and it is the only one that finally gave me relief.  The rash is now gone. I use this everyday even though I no longer have the rash.  I am hesitant to use other lotions.  I don't know what is in here, but it worked wonders for me. Thank you Poofy!
Jing of Nevada
- 5 Stars
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September 1,2018

My son has had bad eczema in the past and this is the only product that does not irritate him.
Janie of Alabama
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It’s great!

June 11,2018

My granddaughter’s pediatrician said she has eczema.  I’m not sure it is, but it’s small bumps on her arms and legs.  After using the Skin Hero Lotion, she definitely had less bumps now and some are almost completely gone.  I haven’t used as regularly as I should have, but even with a few uses per week, it’s a huge difference.
Janell of Montana
- 5 Stars
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Love this!

June 3,2018

I live in Montana where it gets really cold and dry in the winter. I have sensitive skin that easily gets chapped and the skin  that cracks and splits between my fingernails. This lotion heals my chapped skin and the cracked/split skin by my fingernails. My daughter gets some eczema in the winter because it’s so dry and cold, and this lotion clears it right up!
Chelsea of Florida
- 5 Stars
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A true hero

February 11,2018

When I first heard about Poofy I knew I wanted to get this lotion. Skin Hero - formally known as Ciao Eczema has been a true hero for me.

I have such dry skin and it’s very bump and irritated. I have tried so many lotions and none really do anything and always leave me feeling greasy and sometimes will burn my skin and leave it more irritated.

But this was life changing! With in days I noticed such a big change in my skin! It’s even softer without a lotion now. I’m so happy that I’m finally finding products that work for my skin and are not full of toxins!
Bay of New Mexico
- 5 Stars
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No more sleepless nights!

April 23,2017

I bought this for a client whose son has terrible eczema. He's four, and he was itching so badly it was keeping him awake at night! He was miserable. They've tried almost everything on the market, from essential oils to medication. This lotion is the only thing that has brought him relief! He sleeps through the night and is much happier now!
Jessica of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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It works!!!

January 12,2017

Here is an email I received from one of my clients who has battled with eczema on her ankles for longer than she can remember..  she has tried everything including all of the steroid creams from prescribed to her...  Here is what she has to say about this product:

I got the eczema cream in, started using it on my red raw patches on both legs -

I am so sad because I didn't take a BEFORE PHOTO!

OMG -  I am almost 100% eczema free!  I kid you not - i have a teeny tiny bit of lite pinkness left, but you wouldn't even be able to tell.  The itchiness is completely gone, the redness and scaling and bumps are gone.

I was scratching it open every night till it bled to get relief - I tried everything!

I am one happy Poofy Organics customer!

Thank you Thank you!
Kate of Illinois
- 5 Stars
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Ciao eczema lotion

November 23,2016

Love this lotion.  It absorbs right away and feels great.
Anne of North Carolina
- 5 Stars
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Absolutely Essential!

November 19,2016

I have battled eczema my entire life. It erupts every Spring during allergy season. I get it on my hands. This lotion is incredible! Since I've been using it, my eczema never gets out of hand and immediately is soothed and calmed by applying the lotion. It's essential to not use anything with fragrances or chemicals on eczema as it will definitely irritate the skin. I am not ever without the Ciao Lotion!
christine of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Use on my 1yr 1/2 old son

May 27,2016

I've use several different cremes on my son's eczema. It only flares up when he is teething right now but nothing has worked better on his eczema than this does. After two nights of using it you can see a noticeable difference in his skin. I don't enjoy the smell of the lotion but it works so I can live with the smell.
Andrea of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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This product led me to POOFY!

April 2,2016

This is THE BEST  product I have tried for the eczema  on my hand that flares up  from time to time.  It helps  calm the itchy phase, moisturize the  flaky stage and  I feel good using it knowing there are no  ingredients that  I don't want to spread on my skin!   I encourage anyone with  eczema to try it -  you won't want to be without it!   Nice smell ...not "medicinal" at all.

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